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AVI to VOB Converter

Audio Video Interleave commonly known as AVI media format is a media wrapper file. That makes the files with such extension be able to contain various video or audio data, compressed with the different combination of various codecs. This peculiarity provides the possibility of the simultaneous playback of video flow and the sound flow. Depending on the fact which codec is being used for the coding and decoding the file with the AVI extension may contain various type of the compressed data. All the AVI files look the same "outside" but they differ a lot "inside".

AVI files may be played via numerous media players, but the player should support the codec which is used to encode and decode the video.

The problems begin when one wants to play to old DVD-files via the media players of later versions. VOB file is also a wrapper format which contains various types of media data. Moreover this VOB format gives more opportunities to edit these files easily. So if you wish to extract the sound from your video, for example, it's better to convert your media files into VOB format.

The best alternative in this situation will be AVI to VOB Converter. This handy and convenient tool will be your helper in any time you want to convert the files to VOB format. Taking surprisingly little space in the memory of your computer this small application will amaze you with its high productivity and the powerful possibilities. The optimal combination of compactness and productivity makes AVI to VOB Converter the best solution, if you search for the most suitable converter.

The other advantage of this application is its versatility, as it works proper with any Windows OS version beginning from the earliest ones like Win95 up tho the latest ones including Vista and Windows7.

AVI to VOB converter is a freeware and verified not to have the potential threat for the users' computers.


Q: What makes AVI to VOB Converter the best alternative among the other similar software?

A: AVI to VOB Converter is a small but powerful program which will take little place on your hard disc and will give you the possibility to use the maximum functions. The speed and productivity are retained by this application in the combination with its really tiny size.